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Pride & Joy Values

Vision & Values


The Vision:

Pride + Joy Co. re-envisions a world where the LGBTQIA+ Community is fully embraced, thriving, and celebrated. 


We see a world where our generation is actively healing from the trauma we experienced for simply being ourselves. 


We see a world where Allies are educated so the next generation of Queer folks won’t have to know that same pain. They won’t know the otherness most of us have felt.


This is the world we’re working toward, together, every single day.


So how do we get there? 

We heal ourselves first. This is the 1-on-1 work I am so deeply passionate about.

It’s facing our own trauma so that we can heal it. It’s becoming the empowered creator of our own lives and then making our mark on this world— whatever that looks like to you. 


We educate our friends and families (and hey— OURSELVES, because Queer folks are not immune to unconscious bias and we simply MUST be allies for our community as a whole, and ALL marginalized people.) 


We put our dollars behind the mission. That means investing in ourselves— our healing, our dreams, our education. It also means giving back to organizations that are doing the work. 


The Community:

Everyone is welcome. LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, Allies 


Pride + Joy Co. strives to offer a place of belonging for anyone who wants it.


We serve the LGBTQIA+ community. We serve BIPOC folks. We serve allies and anyone who wants to be part of healing community trauma.  


We believe Black Lives Matter and we stand with Indigenous Communities. We are always aiming to learn more and be better.  


My Commitment as a Human + Space Holder:

I will show up honestly and vulnerably, even when that means showing up imperfectly.

I commit to anti-racism and anti-oppression in every aspect of life and business. 

I will lead with curiosity and keep an open mind.

I will take responsibility for educating myself on my own privilege.

When you tell me who you are, I will believe you.

When you tell me about your experience, I will believe you. 

I will accept feedback with an open mind and heart. 

I will admit when I’m wrong and apologize.

I will hold myself accountable to make any changes on a personal or business level to be the best Ally that I can be for all marginalized communities, not only my own. 

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