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My Story

I’m asking you to collaborate with me and create new possibilities for your life. 

I’m asking you to trust me with your story, 

So it’s only fair that I trust you with mine, too.


So, who the hell am I anyway? Why should you believe I can help you?

Valid  Questions.  

I want to give a neat and tidy answer for why I do what I do, why I’m so fucking passionate about this work. Instead, I’ll give you the whole truth. My story isn’t neat and tidy, yet every piece of it feels relevant here. My whole life was leading me to this moment and this work. 


I grew up with deep roots in the Baptist church. It was there that I first learned shame; shame not only for what I did, but for who I was. Shame was the basis for who I became and how I lived my first twenty-five years. As a little girl, seeking love and approval, I strived for perfection, which I believed to mean quiet and easy to manage, meaning those BIG feelings of mine needed to be toned way TF down. I learned the art of repressing feelings first, and then the art of repressing whole parts of myself. By my teen years, this led to an eating disorder, self-harm, and weekend alcoholism. 

When I finally came out to my family at eighteen, the unconscious beliefs about myself and the patterns that I’d fallen into as a result were already my “normal”. Instead of coming to terms with my own identity and trauma, I numbed everything that didn’t feel good with toxic love cycles, work addiction, and codependence. 


By twenty-four, I found myself completely burnt out in corporate sales, deep in alcohol dependence, and right in the middle of a nasty divorce. In hopes of creating a new life that I could love, I burned mine to the ground. With three weeks notice, I sold everything I had, quit my job, and moved across the country for a volunteer position to end youth homelessness in Colorado. Much to my dismay, cutting out all the parts of my external world that hurt didn’t fix my internal world.


During that year, I spent my days in high level conversations about systemic issues that contributed to youth homelessness. I learned so much and rediscovered my passion for the queer community as my heart broke wide open for the population I was serving. At night, I’d go home to a new relationship, just as codependent and toxic as the last, and drink myself to sleep. After six months, I hit rock bottom (again) and was referred by a friend to Cellular Release Therapy®. 


Cellular Release Therapy® allowed me to step out of the patterns I’d created for survival and see my life for what it truly was. I began changing rapidly and all at once I realized I was becoming the person I was always meant to be. It wasn’t easy; it was worth it. I dismantled my life again, but this time it was to build the one I’d come to know I deserved. I got sober. I left that relationship. I moved closer to my biggest support system. I dove into what felt good on a soul level. For me that was spirituality, journaling, finding presence in the moment (something I’d never truly experienced). I learned how to care for my body and soul from a place of love and acceptance. I fell in love with the inner work and it became my new normal. I found genuine joy.


It sounds cliche to say that I’m living my dream life. In many ways, though, I am. I am in the most beautiful relationship with the love of my life. I’m living my purpose. Nothing feels out of my control anymore. There are no impossibilities.

This is what I want for my clients and what I know is possible for you. When you clear the shock and trauma, the pain, and the beliefs that were formed as a result of them from your cells, you have the ability to choose a new way of being. Everything becomes possible.


Ready to dive in?
Schedule a free 30 minute alignment call with me today.


I will answer any questions you have about Cellular Release Therapy® and being coached by meWe will talk about all of your options to begin this work. 

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