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Because when you’re healing, growing, changing rapidly, sometimes you just need someone to hold space for everything that comes up. 


without trying to fix or save. 

without preconceptions or pushing an agenda. 

Sometimes we might just need someone who will help us reconnect to our own voice, our own knowing.

Poppy Flower

Are you feeling a call to shift out of the way it’s always been and into a new way of being? 


Do you want to begin clearing the experiences that have shaped your worldview? 


Have you begun to reconnect with yourself and your intuition? 


Are you wanting a high level of support during this period of your life? 


Held may just be for you. 

One of the most difficult parts of healing can be the dichotomy of what is happening in the inner world – remembering, recognizing our patterns, unlearning, finding new ways to exist in the world – and what is happening in the outer world. 


When we’re growing and changing so much on the inside, but our external surroundings seem to be exactly the same, it can feel really unsettling. It could even feel like you don’t fit there anymore. 


Everyone’s healing journey is so beautifully and perfectly unique to them. 

There’s no outline or system to put into place. 

I don’t want to tell you how to move through this journey;

I’d just like to walk with you when you want some company. 


Being coached by Bre is overwhelmingly comforting and so very eye opening all at once. She will help you to see and figure out the things that you have hidden in the back ground, all while making sure that you know that your experience is valid and that you are okay to just be. She creates a safe space for everyone she comes in contact with and I love that about her.



Held is for the folks who are really diving into their own work right now and want to have support, accountability, and celebration available through every step of their journey. 


It’s for the folks who are looking for the way back to their own inner knowing and developing trust in themselves again, or maybe even for the first time. 


This could be the first time becoming aware of past trauma, to the way thoughts are affecting life, or to a connection with spirituality – or perhaps there was a life event that has brought things up to the surface in a bigger way.


Together, we will dive into your story, let go of what is no longer serving you, reconnect with your energy – your soul, and move toward balance, whatever that means for you. 


How would this look in your life? 


Every day... 

We’ll start by going back to the basics. You will have Voxer access to me during office hours to address issues as they arise and to hold space when you need it. 


The majority of our lives are spent during the moments we write off as insignificant. It isn’t just the weekends, the vacations, the one hour a week that we focus on ourselves… life is happening all the time. 


This high level of support is here between our one-on-one sessions to help as you integrate the work; to process through a negative thought pattern before it takes hold, to celebrate every win, to offer suggestions as you notice what comes up in your body and your surroundings. 


This could look like workshopping through a conflict, recognizing signs of chakra imbalances and offering suggestions, providing accountability as you move toward your goals, invitations to find joy and fun in your day. 


This is a place you can come when you need somewhere for your words to land safely, for your story to be held with the tenderness it deserves, and for you to be seen as the whole, capable, brilliant soul that you are – even if you don’t recognize that part of yourself yet. 


We will spend 90 minutes together, face to face, focusing on you. 


For the first 60 minutes of our session, we will discuss the previous week and anything that is coming up for you. 


This is our time to bring it all together and go even deeper: from the daily habits to the long term goals, we’ll talk about it all. You are in total control of how we spend this time and what feels the most important and valuable to you. 


When you’re ready, this time can be used to begin practicing new skills such as breathwork, EFT tapping, inquiry (taking time to inquire into your thoughts and find the deeper truth), embracing feelings, and visualizations. 


For the last 30 minutes of the session, you will relax into a Reiki Energy Healing session. I will spend time with each chakra during these sessions, but may focus more on certain areas if there are specific difficulties coming up for you.


Every week...

Every other week... 


We will have a 120 minute Cellular Release Therapy® session.


Cellular Release Therapy® is a hypnotherapeutic tool that allows a client to clear experiences, beliefs, fears, and patterns without having to re-experience any of it. 


Trauma (in this case, defined as: anything that was difficult for you at the time) changes a person on a cellular level. It changes who we are and how we exist in the world. For this reason, we will always begin our Cellular Release Therapy® journey by clearing all trauma from childhood up to the present. 


From there, other possibilities for clearing include, but are not limited to: 

  • Limiting Beliefs

  • Difficulty in Relationships

  • Beliefs About Yourself

  • Phobias or Fears

  • Recurring Life Patterns (Example: difficulty with money)


Cellular Release Therapy® can make room for more healing and growth by releasing the charge of the events and the beliefs that were formed as a result of them – Clients often describe feeling that they can begin to make different choices and discover new ways of being in the world when they are free from the heaviness and constant triggers of reliving the past, sometimes even a past we don’t consciously remember. 


Held is a high support, one-on-one program that includes:


  • Weekly 60 Minute Space-Holding Sessions + 30 minutes of Reiki Energy Healing

  • Bi-Weekly 120 Minute Cellular Release Therapy Sessions

  • Daily Support through Voxer (during office hours)


$1888 per month with a minimum three month commitment 


This is not me giving you the answers, providing quick fixes, or always telling you what you want to hear. 


My commitment to you is to always stay on your agenda and to hold the Highest Vision for you. I will offer invitations to shift your perspective, intuitive reflections that come to me, and recommendations for further research or learnings when relevant – and only with your consent and when it feels good to you to hear them. 

This is my highest level of support offered, to maintain this level of availability and support, space is limited. 

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