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an email list for what's interesting and important.

Writing is my favorite outlet. In fact, this all started with a little blog on my healing journey. 


I wasn't prepared for all the noise that comes in when you start a business. Everyone had an opinion on what I should say and how I should say it. I felt that everything I wrote had to be marketable in some way, had to provide value, and be tailored perfectly for my "ideal client". I lost my own voice in the pursuit of a successful business.  This is my solution. 

I started this business to foster real connections and have an impact. For me, connection requires authenticity. Authenticity requires freedom and safety and that can be hard to come by on social media. Letters from your queer aunt will be where I say it all. No character limit, no hashtags, no outside suggestions. Authenticity. Connection. With any luck, my words will resonate and have a real impact. 

If this feels like your vibe, I'd love to have you on the list. 


your queer aunt

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