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Cellular Release Therapy®

is a hypnotherapeutic system that allows a Client to clear experiences, fears, beliefs, and patterns
without having to re-experience any of it. 

is a hypnotherapeutic system that allows a person to clear events, emotions, beliefs, fears, and patterns from the past 

without having to re-experience any of it. 

The subconscious mind lives in every cell of the body
records every moment of every event in your life. 

Ultimately, the goal of the subconscious mind is to keep you safe and to automate as much as possible in order to free up your conscious mind for other things. 

Unfortunately, many of our experiences are traumatic and as they are stored in the body, so is every fear, belief, and conclusion that resulted from it. Patterns can be automated and repeated without our conscious mind ever being aware of them.

Cellular Release Therapy® allows you to clear these, making space for you to heal and create new patterns. 

How it works...

The first two hour session is an assessment of life experiences and what a Client identifies as current issues they wish to address. With direct questions, I will get to know you, your story, and your goals moving forward.

Together, we will collaborate to find the best starting point for clearing to best help you move toward your goals. 

Every session thereafter will begin with open dialogue, leaving plenty of space for you to tell me what feels most important to you to work on. 

Next, I will walk you through a progressive relaxation. For the remainder of the session, I will be speaking directly with the subconscious mind and we will communicate using a "yes" finger and a "no" finger, so you won't have to speak. 

You are completely in control the entire time.

I will ask your subconscious mind to clear specific experiences, fears, beliefs, and patterns. When I receive permission from your subconscious mind, I will give the direction to clear it completely, so that it no longer affects you in any way. 


So often the patterns we repeat in life, 

the automations built in fear and trauma, 

can make us feel like we are somehow 

flawed or broken. 

In reality, these patterns are built brilliantly by the subconscious mind to keep us safe and they worked at one point. 

There is nothing wrong with you. 

You are not broken or flawed

and I am not here to fix you. 

I only hope to use my skillset to hold space for you

and remind you of the infinite wisdom you already hold. 

You are your best healer. 

because there is nothing at all wrong with you...


Ready to dive in?
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Cellular Release Therapy® is a system that allows a Client to clear traumatic experiences from this or previous lifetimes without having to remember or re-experience them. 


Working directly with the subconscious mind, I will guide you through clearing the emotional charge held with events, emotions, shock and trauma, habits, beliefs, and fears without having to engage the conscious mind.

Each experience is as unique as the Clients themselves. I will always strive to collaborate with you to create the best experience for you.

Many Clients experience an immediate feeling of lightness, as if a weight has been lifted. Often, Clients find that as they remember events or feelings that at one time would have been painful or triggering, they feel a sense of peace and closure instead. 


Ready for the details?

Each session is two hours long and can be done from anywhere. 


You only need a stable internet connection, video call access, and a couch, recliner, or bed where you can relax without interruptions during our session. 


In the first CRT® session, we will go through some assessment questions. 

We will talk about all major life events, struggles, and relationships.

We will also discuss your specific goals and what you hope to achieve in our sessions together. 


Clearing usually begins in your second session. 


For the actual clearing process, you will be in a deeply relaxed state while I work directly with your subconscious mind. 


I will ask permission from your subconscious mind to clear the charge from the events, feelings, or beliefs we discussed. 


Once I receive permission, I will direct your subconscious mind to clear the charge from every cell in your body and your energetic field.


Future sessions will begin with open dialogue. 

You can tell me what came up between sessions and what specifically you want to clear that day.

If nothing specific is coming up, we can always return to our original assessment from your first session.

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