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📣 🌈 Calling all allies and aspiring allies 📣 🌈
This one is just for you.

Coaches, healers, and entrepreneurs,


You consider yourself to be an Ally for the LGBTQIA+ community in your life, but you aren’t sure you know enough to provide support professionally. 


Most of your clients are cisgender (a person whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex) and heterosexual (a person who is sexually attracted to people of the opposite sex).


How confident are you that you could work effectively and competently with a person whose identity  falls outside those categories? 


Do you ever worry whether your marketing is inclusive and affirming of LGBTQIA+ people? 


Do you wish you could do more than quietly support the Queer community?

Pride Flag

Good news incoming… ⤵️

You can. And it’s easier than you think.


It is totally possible for you to show up bigger, hold more space,

and use your voice powerfully for Queer folks. 

That’s where we come in because…

True allyship is proactive.

Proactive Allyship is bold + brave and so desperately needed.


The Proactive Allyship training and certification program is designed for coaches, healers, and entrepreneurs to:


  • Raise awareness of your blind spots and biases around the LGBTQIA+ community. 

  • Demonstrate how allyship can and should be a proactive practice

  • Further your cultural competence and help you better understand the unique experiences of your LGBTQIA+ clients

  • Equip you with the knowledge, language, and actionable steps to create affirming spaces for your clients

  • Help you step into leadership as a Proactive Ally

The Journey to Proactive Allyship

We began to see the ripple effect...

and the question became, "Who are we not to share this?"


When we first started out, our goal was to help coaches better understand and support our community, be more inclusive, and practice proactive allyship in their businesses. 


What started as a small passion project, just a couple Queers helping their fellow coaches learn a thing or two about allyship, quickly grew into a greater mission. 


We learned so much about our own community in the process of creating this training, and it felt deeply important and invaluable. 


We hoped to open some eyes and maybe a few hearts if we were lucky. 


Then, magic happened. 


We couldn’t have anticipated the reactions. 


We opened up the floor for questions, and they kept rolling in. 

Big, beautiful, questions. 

Deeply personal questions. 

Questions that many wonder but few ask. 


We realized that so many coaches, healers, and space holders wanted to understand but were too afraid of showing up imperfectly, asking the wrong question, or revealing their own inexperience with our community. 


Folks in the group saw their own blindspots — and one another’s. 


Many left feeling a sense of responsibility to change things for future clients, and even more said they felt a deeper connection to and understanding of the Queer folks in their lives. 


We began to see the ripple effect. 


We knew this training changed the way these 30+ coaches would show up in the world. 


How they’d embrace Queer folks. 

How they’d encourage Queer kids. 

How they’d use their voices for the LGBTQIA+ community in the future. 

And the question shifted from “Who are we to do this?” to “Who are we NOT to share this?”

Pride Parade

About your trainers:

Jenna Teague Headshot.jpg

Jenna Teague (she/they) is a business strategist, queer-identifed psychotherapist, and professional co-creator. For the past 15+ years, she’s been helping clients dream bigger and execute their big visions, from her thriving private therapy practice to partnering with coaching industry leaders to achieve their first wildly successful launches.

Bre Byrd (she/they) is a Space Holder, Energy Healer, and Cellular Release Therapy facilitator.

Her mission is to help womxn and Queer folks heal from trauma, not only on an individual level but on a community level, educating families and allies along the way so that future generations can thrive.

Pride Parade Overhead

Interested in learning more about our signature training? 


Allyship In Action: Create a Safe Space for Your Queer Clients

We believe in Queer Magic. Queer tenacity. Queer resilience. 


We believe in moving beyond LGBTQIA+ acceptance into LGBTQIA+ empowerment.


Your Queer clients deserve to be understood. 


The LGBTQIA+ community deserves not only to be accepted in healing spaces, but to be fully embraced for all that we are. 


Your allyship matters to us. 


How you show up, speak up, and hold space matters.

True allyship is proactive.

Proactive Allyship is bold + brave and so desperately needed.

Together, we will explore the reality of Queer history. — because the LGBTQIA+ community has always been here. 


We will learn about the context in which many LGBTQIA+ folks still experience the world, and we will talk about mental health, trauma, and the unique challenges that the LGBTQIA+ community faces to this day. 


We’ll create a basic understanding of different identities and orientations, covering all the relevant terminology. This information is not for you to memorize, but for you to familiarize yourself with and open your eyes to other perfectly valid and beautiful ways of being in the world. 


We’ll teach you the difference between inclusive spaces and affirming spaces. 


Then, we’ll go into the tangibles:, i.e. how you can make simple shifts in your life and business to embody Proactive Allyship. 

Interested in learning more about our signature training? 


Allyship In Action: Create a Safe Space for Your Queer Clients





What’s included in our signature training ⤵️



  • Understanding LGBTQIA+ history and cultural competence at a deep level

  • Establishing full awareness of your blind spots and biases

  • Building awareness and tools to create a safe space for LGBTQIA+ folx in your business



  • An interactive, 2-hour live training with room for questions throughout

  • Dedicated Q+A time at the end of the training

  • Facebook group access


Individual spots starting at $444


Group rates starting at $997

More questions? 

Schedule a Connection Call with us or reach out by email at

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